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It does not teach math only runs through problems to show what you know. Would be better if it explained why you missed the questions.

So good

This app is wonderful!


My principal picks quiet children to play this it rocks.




This Thing Is So Awesome!! My Teacher Said You Have To Do It Every School Night. Well, I Don't Like To Do It On Writing Paper, Computer (NOT IPOD),

useful app

I love this app, It really is a useful app.


This is AMAZING!!! It teaches you easy and bacic addition, subtraction, multiplacation, and division.

Long load

A Too all ya people it takes long time too load for u because your iPod has alot of junk in it

My 7 yr old loved it

Great way to engage a kids mind

Very Good

My teacher says that everyone should practice their basic facts every night and I sometimes didn't have the time but I usually have my iPod so I got this and it helped a lot. Buy!!!!!

Quite Good

Quite Good


Tittle says it all

Awesome app, just what I need!



I think that needs more operations and Operations X Y . But its good for little kids .

Umm it's okay

Okay I'm going to the 6th grade and this app only shows simple problems but it's still helpfull to review

Good app.

Overall, it's a good free app. I just don't think it should be a multiple choice kind of thing because it basically gives you the answer.

Okay but slow

When mom wants me to do math I do it. The next math model is late

Good Arithmetic tool

This is good for my kids that are having a hard time learning multiplier

Good multiple choice app

This is a good multiple choice app.


This APP is taking forever to load!!! I have been waiting for 15 min and it hasnt finished yet! How long does it usually take?


Ok I'm in 5th grade and had trouble with long division thought this would help but the rest is self explanitory 

Great free app

Although it should be simple, many people have trouble with arithmetic. This app is perfect for anybody and everybody. Math is used every day and this app reminds me of how important math is. Furthermore, this can be set on any range of numbers. For example, if you can't multiply 17 by 33, you should get this to sharpen your skills.( by the way the answer is 561)

basic math not so basic

for those that think this is all basic i disagree. most stuff is easy but some is a little challenging. i recommend this app if you want some fun and some exercise for your brain.


Great application for being free... Download if you need some extra help in your math skills..

Piece if CRAP!! :(

This app was horrible it is based on four and five year old babies who don't know how to multiply 1•1 COME ON!!! horrible app don't waste your time downloading it!!!

For Those of You That Say This is too Easy

The title- SIMPLE math! 

Nice tool to make homework fun

I let my 1st grader use it while we're doing work. It's enjoyable bc playing w/my phone is a treat. It's also nice bc he's willing to practice his math anywhere, anytime.

Useful for students

I like this because it capsulizes the basic learnings.

It is good

It is good math for little kids

Nice app if u want to improve your math skills!

get to become a fast math thinker!

useful if u dont figure out a trick

I like the fact that you can change the difficulty. But the difficulty doesn't even matter once you figure the trick to solving multiple choice questions. Anyone that can solve basic multiplication can breeze through problems with any amount of digits. Maybe if we had to type in our own answers I would keep this.

Good enough

For the folks saying its too slow,adjust the settings ... Default response time is 2 secs,i put it at 0.5. Great for drilling my 3rd grader.

Could use some work

This is a good app but only for kids under 10. It would be great If you could make the problems go faster and be able to change the settings. Also to be able to change the level of difficulty would be a great help. It would really help with practicing because then you wouldn't have all this time to think about the problem. Overall this is an okay app as long as it is being used by kids. For people over 10 it is useless. So if you are over 10 and you are the one who is going to be using this app (unless you are really bad and slow at math) don't get it because it would be a total waste of space.

great free app

I just downloaded this one for my daughter, (she's in 1st grade) and I love it. For the price you can't beat it. Works great. Its a simple way for her to become more profficent at simple math problems. I like that it has different age levels, so we should be able to use this for some time.


My son loves it.

Way to easy .

To slow gives u like 3 sec to answer the problem

Overall Acceptional

For those who have been out of school for a while, this isn't a bad thing to brush up on. I wish it wasn't mutliple choice, but this is a great app for those who need a little guidance.

Great free app

Just what I wanted

Great Tools for Success!!

Personally, I struggle with math alot. However, this application allows me to practice my basics! It replaces the flashcards and it's very easy to use! Not only that but you can listen to your music and best of all it's FREE!!! :)

Good App

This is a good app. It's free so it's worth downloading.

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